After decades of board mismanagement and sub-par maintenance, the historic Astor Tower needs to be saved before its too late. Accumulating circumstances have built up over the past decade+ including low building reserves, increasing monthly assessments, large special assessments, little-to-no building preservation or exterior beautification, relatively low sales values, and aging-out (60 year old) major infrastructure items like water risers and elevators. It had gotten so bad that the building earned itself the nickname "Disaster on Astor". Unfortunately, all these factors combined have made the building a prime target for deconversion.

Therefore, as of December 2023, ATLLC has started an internal fact-finding committee to explore the feasability of deconversion. If found feasible, it will be ATLLC's aim to deconvert the building by the conculsion of 2024, change the negative perception the building currently has, and position Astor Tower as the unique shining mid-century historic gem that it is and deserves to be. If deconverted, the building itself will be restored externally and upgraded internally with a fully furnished rooftop deck, state-of-the-art fitness center with sauna, showroom quality garage with electric vehicle charging stations, co-working space, all staff can stay, and all current residents that wish too, can stay in their homes. Plus more benefits and upgrades to be announced. The building will also be presented to the City of Chicago and state and national agencies for consideration as a landmark property.

We must act now in 2024 to preserve the building and give it the attention it deserves before its too late.

*DISCLAIMER* This site is operated by Astor Tower LLC and its owners/managers/affiliates/agents (ATLLC). As of January 2024, the Astor Tower building is not currently being deconverted by ATLLC nor are there active plans for deconversion by ATLLC. The building at 1300 N Astor is currently owned by the association of its individual deeded condomimum unit owners of record, of which ATLLC (or its manager/agent/affiliate) is one. The information provided here is informational only and are the opinions and views of ATLCC only and are not representative of the Astor Tower Condominimum Association, its board, or other individual owners.

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